Gambling Awareness Project Sheffield

Celebrating our success is important because it increases motivation towards goals, and it boosts someone’s confidence so then they feel more empowered to continue to do what they are doing. When someone’s efforts are recognised, it makes someone feel seen and when people celebrate together, it gives someone a sense of purpose, which leads to bigger and better goals being set.


Using Achievement Boards

To see our goals in front of us, we can use an achievement board to pin evidence for what we have done that makes us proud. This is important because it reminds someone that even though they haven’t reached their end goal yet, they can see what they are doing to get there. Also, it gives someone purpose, and achieving little goals shows someone that they can keep growing with a growth mind. This means they can believe that they are able to achieve whatever and become whoever they want, but also need to be.



Journaling helps us celebrate our successes because it is an activity where you spend time reflecting on your struggles, and how you may have been overcoming them. It is a safe place where you can write about your feelings and grow as a person by doing things like writing about where you might have struggled whilst trying to recover, but then coming up with ways to try and improve. Journaling is written evidence of us trying to become a better person, and when we read back on what we have done, and the hardships we have overcome, we are able to celebrate our successes.


Words are what we use when we want to communicate with other people when we are happy, sad, overjoyed, or if we are struggling with expressing ourselves. Although we can use our words to talk, we can use words to write about how we feel, which means more when we don’t know what to say but need a safe place to vent. Journaling is a healthy way to get ideas on to a piece of paper, or online. Sometimes life can be overwhelming, so having a journal allows us to pause and reflect, and find happiness in the little things like learning how to play an instrument, or perfecting a baking recipe. So, next time you decide to write down your thoughts or feelings, consider these things:

  • What do I like about who I am?
  • If I could positively describe myself in three words, what would they be?
  • What skills or talents do I have?