Thank you for your interest in our Anger Management service. 

The service is free and available to adults over 18, living in Sheffield, who have a Sheffield GP.

We are not taking referrals for our next courses as we have not been successful in recruiting for a Women's Anger Management Service Coordinator.

We had hoped to start a course in June or July but this was reliant on successful recruitment.  We cannot say when the dates and times of the next courses will be.

Our Anger Management team is a small one with limited staff hours - because of this, we don't have the capacity to answer phone queries and primarily communicate by email.

To make a referral using our online form, click Here 

The feedback we have had from clients who have completed the course has been incredibly positive and many have claimed that the sessions and the tools and techniques they have learned have been life changing.

Click on the image to read how one service user overcame her reluctance to participate in a group and even began to look forward to the sessions, as she began to understand more about the feelings she was having and what she could do to manage them more effectively.

If you would like to know more about the course, see below:

Sheffield Mind Anger Management Courses 

The courses are for women who struggle to manage and contain anger and will help them learn how to express their feelings more effectively and build resilience so they're more able to cope with stressful situations.

People accessing the courses will need to demonstrate commitment to change and will be supported throughout, by two Sheffield Mind course facilitators.

In addition to getting an opportunity to learn about anger and understand what triggers an angry response, participants are given a safe space in which they can discuss in an open and honest manner, the issues/people or situations that cause them to lose control. Peer support is an important element of the course.

In order to be considered for the course, you are required to complete and return the online referral form which you can access via the above link.

Questions about the form or the course should be sent to the course facilitators at the following address [email protected] 

Our Partners

These courses have been made possible thanks to the CCG.