The Sheffield Mind Magpies service, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, supports people who have difficulties with hoarding. This service was launched early in 2021 and it builds on the foundations of an earlier project which we ran in partnership with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.

Our staff support service users to look at lifestyle, explore the reasons that might be behind their hoarding histories and look at ways of changing behaviour. Through one-to-one and group support, people can access practical advice and input to address their home conditions and other difficulties that often accompany hoarding behaviour, such as social isolation.

Please note that there is a high demand for the service and as a result, we are currently not able to accept any referrals to the service for 1-to-1 or CBT support.

Magpie groups.

Our Magpies service also offers a friendly & welcoming group for those who experience difficulty with hoarding behaviours - friends & family also welcome. A safe space to share experiences, gain wider awareness & receive peer support. Or, to just meet other people over a cuppa & cake!

 Please note that we are not running any group sessions in early 2022. This will enable us to take stock of the Covid situation in Sheffield and allow some time to reflect on how we might continue with a form of group support, in the light of  in–person group sessions being difficult to hold.

We're using the time to survey members and potential members for views on what they might want from a group, including online.

If you would like to know more about the group plans, or would like to comment, or if you have any other queries about the service, you can call 0114 258 4489 or email [email protected]