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Within the UK it is estimated that 60% of young people have opened a loot box in the last 12 months.

Loot boxes are found within game play and give the player a chance to improve their game by making an in-game purchase of a mystery item using real money or in game currency. Loots boxes typically contain virtual currency or skins which alter the appearance of your character or weapons which can improve your game play.

Loots boxes are considered a gambling like behaviour as players are encouraged to take a risk and spend money on a randomised item to improve their game play.


Due to the nature of loot boxes many countries have either banned them from game play or have tightened restrictions as to how they appear in video games, however within the UK no restrictions have yet been put forward for loot boxes despite reports showing that they may be causing harm to young people.

Researchers have also found evidence to suggest the more loot boxes a gamer opens the more likely they are to be at risk of gambling harms.


The dangers of loot boxes carry risks of developing gambling-related harms such as: financial struggles (worrying about having enough money, borrowing money from loved ones, turning to criminal activity, taking out loans), relationship problems with loved ones and acquaintances, employment and educational harms (failing classes, difficulty concentrating, struggling to meet deadlines) and mental/psychological and physical health implications (depression, anxiety, insomnia).


If you are worried that loot boxes are impacting you negatively please speak to the team.

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