I am a 22 year old University student, originally from Sheffield but studying in Glasgow. I have found lockdown both (very) challenging and (a little) rewarding. I called my mum a few days before lockdown to get some advice on whether I should travel home to be with family; she said yes and I packed the essentials and hopped on a train for a tedious 5 hour journey home. Little did I know, those essentials would be all I have had for the 8 weeks so far of lockdown! 

With my lovely clothes and belongings far away in Glasgow I then had to achieve the task of completing two essays, worth 50% of two Uni modules, alongside two exams; taken online, from the comfort of my lovely, but noisy and distracting home. I felt anxious and stressed, having little guidance from Uni (who really didn’t know how to deal with such uncertain times) and a whole course to re-learn, from my bedroom. Uni allowed us to have 24 hours to complete each exam but didn’t give any guidance whether we were supposed to stay up all night or treat it like a normal exam; but nothing was normal! 

With the help of my family and a carb-filled diet I completed my exams. I took my time and perfected (hopefully) my answers. Although it was stressful and full of uncertainty, I’m happy to say I was disciplined and determined and I studied my heart out during a global pandemic. 

What helped? Trying to stick to a routine - getting up in the morning (it was very tempting to stay in bed), creating a workspace (we put the kitchen table in my bedroom so that I could use it as a desk) and taking regular breaks. The routine made me feel like I had some control over an incredibly uncertain and stressful situation. I did put a lot of pressure on myself - so my tip to others would be, try not to put too much pressure on yourself. You can only do your best.

I’m now looking at how on earth my Uni is going to deal with the fast approaching autumn term; hoping I don’t have to watch lectures from the sofa. Although my dogs are cute and definitely bring up the mood during revision, I highly doubt they’d be interested on a 50 minute lecture on literature!