If you asked me what I was doing to cope during the first lockdown I could have given you many examples! I had the time and enthusiasm to make two of these huge blankets (modelled here by my dog), and having my toddler,  at home 24/7 definitely kept me living in the moment! But I’ve not been able to take on this lockdown with the same energy.

Like most, I struggle with my mental health in winter, but coping mechanisms like going out with friends, running, yoga classes, and getting some sea air usually keep me steady. Not being able to do these in person has made things particularly hard, so I’ve struggled to do much more than make the most of my Netflix subscription. Encouragement to get out for some long dog walks, and to meet friends outside for a coffee have really helped with some very hard moments, albeit in the pouring rain!

Pushing myself to do these things has helped me to rekindle some usual interests. As soon as I had the energy, I gave the garden its yearly revamp and re-potted the poor houseplants that I’d been neglecting earlier in the year. My daughter helped me plant some sunflowers and her daily amazement at seeing them grow is just the best feeling! Having the outside space sorted has made me feel so much better, so I need to make the most of enjoying it with friends before my little one takes to it with her bucket and spade!

I’ve started a new project of crocheting a Harry Styles-inspired cardigan, and that’s how I truly know that I’m beginning to cope much better! I hope you all find your Harry Styles moment soon too...