Well, this was not the year I had planned, the silver lining on that cloud seems to be getting a little dimmer and that tunnel with the light at the end seems to be getting longer but I am ever the optimist and know that this will all end and the new normal will be a return to the old ways!

In the meantime I am doing my best to balance work and home life – so easy to let the boundaries blur if you let them. In order to get work fit each day I make up and dress up so I feel like I am in the office. I pick a theme for each day – autumnal tweeds/black and white/spots and stripes  - and spend time making myself ready, just as I would if I were going into work - working in a onesie is not for me, I know that I will not be productive.

As soon as the work day is over, it’s a shower into the PJ’s and a cuddle with the dog – to be fair I tend to do the latter throughout the working day but save the best ones for when the office gets packed away.

I am lucky enough to have human company at home too and my partner works in another room in the house so at the end of his working day we can get together for a bite to eat and something entertaining on Netflix.

We have started to play a few games in order to break up the monotony of screen time and have really enjoyed going back to basics with a few Board Games. Scrabble is a good one and can get quite competitive, Kerplunk is the game you play when you just want to have fun! We are looking forward to being able to have friends round for games night now that we have taught ourselves to play a few.

Not being able to mix with friends and family has been the hardest thing for me BUT I know they are still there and there for me when I need them -I will appreciate seeing them that bit more when we finally do meet – let’s hope that’s soon!