Working From Home: What I've Learnt So Far:

So it’s September 2020 already - and although lots of people are back in the workplace (and lots of us never left the workplace), some of us are still at home and I thought it would be worth noting down what I’ve learned in that time.

My top 6 tips for keeping yourself mentally well at home.

  1. Dress for Work.

Ok I’m not talking about looking like you’re about to broker a multi-million oil deal in Dallas, but I am saying avoid the leggings and mucky t-shirt. Just because you’re not on Zoom today doesn’t mean you can wear your pyjamas. Getting dressed for work helps you draw a line between home life and work life. You can put your leggings on, when work’s over!


  1. Move Your Body.

Physical activity has been proven to elevate mood and help us sleep better. Allocate 30 minutes during the day where you run, stretch, follow an online workout, do some gardening – get away from the laptop and get active!

Look - I know how hard it can be, but we all know that when we actually do get up and get active, we feel better. So, don't be too hard on yourself if you miss a few days, but do try to put some physical activity into your life!


  1. Set Boundaries.

With your family and yourself. Finish work when you should finish work. Remind your family about your needs, that despite being at home you’re at work and need quiet time. They may also need reminding from time to time that working from home doesn't mean you're available to do all the cooking and cleaning by 5pm! Maybe you could share your weekly schedule with them?


  1. Stay Connected with Work Colleagues.

If you’ve had enough of endless video conferencing – why not try a good old fashioned phone call instead? In and out of work, human interaction matters so pick up the phone instead of emailing. If you're struggling with working at home, speak to your colleagues or manager about your concerns – a lot of your colleagues probably feel the same as you! Ask how they're doing and whether there are ways you can support each other.


  1. Make Time for Nature.

When we're working at home, in isolation from colleagues, work can sometimes get out of proportion and even minor jobs can seem hugely important and very pressurised - this is where anxiety and stress can start to creep in.

Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, take time during the day to go into your garden, or to the local green space, step out onto your balcony or even look out of your window. Listening for birdsong and watching the butterflies and bees will help you forget your emails for a while - and hopefully help bring back a sense of proportion.


  1. Create a Divide Between your Work Day and Home Life.

Try to find a way to mark the end of the working day by shutting down your laptop, switching off your work phone and closing the door to the room where you’ve been working. If you’re working in your living room, put the laptop under the sofa – put the paperwork with it. By doing this, you can begin to create a mental headspace that will help you to unwind and relax.


 Good Luck!