Hello, I'm Molly (not my real name). I'm 54 years old and retired on medical grounds. I was born with cerebral palsy and I'm a wheelchair user.

I have a history of hoarding and have used a decluttering service 3 times, over the years. I was referred to the Magpies service after I had an experience falling over, and was unable to get back up. I spent 2 or 3 hours on the floor, trying to move things. This was when I knew that something had to be done, I had to do something to save my life and be able to move around my home safely.

Since working with the Magpies, I've completely decluttered my home, my hallways are clear and my spare bedroom has been recreated for use. I've managed to employ a cleaner to help around the home and I've created the space in my bedroom for a new hospital bed which supports my physical needs better.

I feel that I've regained my self–respect and changed my mentality, so I won't hoard again, although I'm still anxious about going back to my old ways. My mindset has changed in regard to decluttering things, whereas in the past I would just buy more and more of an item, I now utilise techniques such as asking questions first… “Do I really need that?”

Friends & family are amazed at the progress I've made and I've made a promise to them – and myself – not to go back to my old hoarding behaviour.

The Magpie Project has been life changing for me!