Jimmy (not his real name) was referred to the Magpies service because he had problems with severe hoarding, which were leading to concerns about his tenancy. 

Jimmy felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of items in his house, so for the first few weeks, Jimmy’s keyworker worked alongside him, cleaning and sorting things into piles.

Jimmy and his keyworker then tackled the living room. Items were piled up to the ceiling, so he was encouraged to work on the room ‘corner by corner’. His keyworker gave him ‘homework tasks’ such as filling a bag for recycling and encouraged and complimented Jimmy when he achieved his goal for the week.

Jimmy’s living environment improved significantly. The risks associated with hoarding decreased, Jimmy's tenancy was more secure and on discharge, he felt that he would be able to continue with the de-cluttering .

jimmy continues to keep in touch with the Magpies service by attending the support group. He enjoys the social aspect of getting out and meeting people on a regular basis and he also finds that the tips they share help him continue on his 'de-cluttering journey'.