Hello, I'm Abby (not my real name) and I've had low confidence and anxiety since my teens.

At first, I would only attend Springboard with my parents or my gran. The Recovery Coaches made sure me and my family felt really welcome, and they introduced me to other attendees who talked to me and invited me to take part in activities. Gradually, I started attending Springboard alone. It wasn't easy, but I felt comfortable and safe there. 

I told my Recovery Coach that I was interested in studying French and together we looked for a local college course that offered an evening course. My next big step will be going up to the college, on my own, to find out more. I'm anxious about this, but I can talk about my anxieties with the Recovery Coaches. We talk about my fears and then put plans into place, like making sure I know the bus times, where to get off the bus, things like that.

I always make a point of telling friends and family about the Springboard, as I think it's really important to make sure that people are aware of the group and the support and help provided.