Hello, I'm Javid (not my real name).  I work in the health sector, but anger was mainly causing issues at home, where I was being verbally aggressive. This was causing difficulties in my marriage and ruining my friendships. I felt stuck and wanted to understand why I resorted to aggression as a means of dealing with anger. I felt like I was just existing, rather than living my life.

I referred myself to the Sheffield Mind Anger Management course. As soon as I attended the first week, I noticed improvements. This continued weekly - improvements in my mood and my responses to those around me. The course enhanced my self-awareness, so I started gradually rediscovering the happier, more laid-back self that I'd been in the past. I also felt more compassion for the people around me. I gained insight into how I had repressed my emotions and how this in turn had affected my daily functioning.

I particularly appreciated the supportive nature of the group, where all participants are encouraged to share their ongoing experiences of anger during each session. As group cohesion grew with each week, I felt increasingly safe sharing my thoughts and feelings.

I wish I'd learnt about these simple techniques far earlier in life, I think that would have spared me much of the pain I've experienced. However, I'm confident that moving forward, I'm now equipped with the tools to help me navigate the inevitable stresses that we all experience at home and in the workplace.