We welcome both positive and negative feedback about our services because it helps us to continue doing what we're doing well, and make changes where we could do better. We try to respond to all our feedback and whilst it's not always possible to make alterations or do things different, we do take all suggestions very seriously and have introduced changes as a result of what you have told us!

You said - We did.

Here are some examples of where you’ve got in touch and we’ve listened, in 2022/23:

A member of the public got in touch to say that it would have been helpful if we’d had a note on the door during lockdown (when the Wellbeing Centre was closed) listing useful phone numbers / websites.

We agreed and held our hands up – in the chaos of lockdown, we had forgotten to put a helpful sign on the door. In fact, we've been inspired to go one further and now have posters on display on the front door, telling visitors what’s on and what’s up coming

A member of the public got in touch and said it would be nice if staff and volunteers could wear name badges when they are facilitating peer support groups.

We agreed and now our staff and volunteers wear name badges at these events. It makes it easier for service users to know who to turn to if support is required and who they should direct questions to.

A service user told us the toilet in our reception area was a bit scruffy.

We agreed – and got it repainted.

At our Easter Open Minds social, a service user told us our website wasn’t up to date. We had a good look and couldn't find anything out of date – however, we don’t have a dedicated media team, so it’s quite possible that from time to time something isn't as up to date as it should be.

We recommend that people follow us on social media, as we try to make announcements about services and events on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram. If you are interested in writing something for the website - article, blog, interview – then do get in touch or pop along to the next Open Minds event and we'd be happy to discuss.

A service user told us our reception area was starting to look at bit tatty.

We agreed, so one Saturday morning, some staff volunteered to come in and give the area a makeover. We think it looks great - and visitors seem to agree! Now we've updated the art room as well - hope you like it!

If you'd like to contribute on a regular basis to how we run services and how we might change or improve the way in which services are delivered, you might be interested in joining our Open Minds Service User group or attending one of the other service user activities which Tim and John are planning.