Feedback from Easter Social, April 2024

At this year’s Open Minds Easter social, we asked people to look at our website and give us feedback. We told everyone that there were no right or wrong answers, we want to make sure our website feels easy to navigate and looks good.

Here are some of the comments we received:

  • Home Page: the top banner (carousel) doesn’t tell you what the website is about.
  • Community Tab: it’s not clear what this tab is for.
  • Fundraising: can we have additional payment methods (e.g. apple pay and PayPal)?
  • Generally: Think about the terminology you use and whether it makes sense to somebody who doesn’t work in mental health e.g. does everybody understand what ‘peer support’ means?
  • Think about how somebody might search a website for something – different people might use different words, so can you try to make sure that they all get to the right page (e.g. tagging, focusing on key words)?
  • I really like the look, it’s friendly and has positive images, but it can look a bit too busy.