🙂🤔 Anger, like every other emotion, is trying to tell us something. But what is it trying to say? How do I even listen to my own emotions?

🤓 Anger is an instinctual emotional response, triggered by real or imagined threat, says Aaron Karmin (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor).

😟😡 How can I help myself stop being angry and overreactive?

Have you ever thought of anger actually being helpful, as a way of helping us express ourselves? However, this is only when we express anger constructively. And this is a challenging part which is uncovered during the Anger Management course at Sheffield Mind.

📌👀 Sheffield Mind runs Anger Management courses for both Men and Women.

During the 8 weeks course we dive deeper into anger management, emotional intelligence, self-compassion, mindfulness, and other practical methods and strategies on how to learn to express anger constructively, not hurting or blaming people around us.

🚩 If you feel that you're losing the ability to control or regulate your anger, if it affects your relationships with loved ones or colleagues, it might be a sign that you have overlooked the most important relationship in your life – the relationship with yourself, and anger is trying to bring you on the path of wellbeing.

☎️📞 Feel free to contact us via email [email protected] or visit our webpage and find out more about course content and upcoming course dates.


Men’s AM: https://www.sheffieldmind.co.uk/anger-management-2

Women’s AM: https://www.sheffieldmind.co.uk/womens-anger-management-group