Senior Leadership roles can be challenging and stressful, whether that’s because of long workhours, challenging staff, or productivity problems. When you’re dealing with these issues, it can be difficult to put your own needs first and that’s why many senior leaders put self-care off for another day. 

The danger with this approach is that when stress builds up over time, the likelihood of burnout increases - and the risk of losing a committed and knowledgeable staff member also increases. 

In addition, senior leaders tend to be a mirror for the rest of the organisation, staff look to them for guidance and if your leadership is stressed, anxious and finding it increasingly difficult to make decisions, this can have a negative impact on everyone involved. 

Talking about issues – in a space where you feel you have time to express yourself and  you feel you’re being listened to – is a great first step towards resolving the problem.  

Sheffield Mind’s Revive therapy service offers a 50-minute (one-off or regular) session with one of our experienced therapists. The sessions offer a confidential space where your staff member can look at stress & resilience, depression & anxiety, family issues – anything that’s impacting on their working life.  

Organisations can use Revive as a prevention service : senior leaders can schedule a regular meeting with one of our therapists throughout the year, to ensure they have an outlet for discussing any stressful aspects of their role.  

To talk about costs, or if you have an issue at work that you think we could help with, email [email protected]