GAPS (Gambling Awareness Project Sheffield) is a two year pilot funded by the Gambling Commission which is looking at effective ways of supporting young people (aged 11-25) who are at risk of gambling/gaming-related harm.

Project Aims:

Much of our work here at GAPS focuses on preventing gambling harm in young people aged 11-25.

By talking to young people, the project is looking at ways of reducing loneliness, building coping and resilience skills and reducing feelings of isolation and guilt for young people most at risk to the development of gambling and gaming harms.

What we’re doing:

We're raising awareness about gambling / gaming harms to 11 – 25, parents, educators and other health professionals.

Eventually we'll set up a peer support group - to bring together young people with shared experiences, to support each other.


At the end of the two years, we'll produce a report that assesses how peer support can reduce gambling related harms.

If you - or your school, college or Uni society - would like to get involved, email [email protected]