If you have a special day coming up but have nothing on your prezzie 'must-have' list, or Christmas is approaching and you can't think of what to put on your letter to santa, maybe you could consider getting your mates and colleagues to donate instead to Sheffield Mind. 

Here are a few ways you can do this :

Create a fundraising page : you can create a simple appeal into which friends and family can add funds. You can add images and text and donors can leave you messages and comments - maybe even add in a few snaps of their own. Click on the image alongside to see what a sample page can look like - we know that you can do a lot better BUT this is just an idea to get you started.

You can do something similar for weddings, anniversaries or special occasions - we are here to help if you need a hand with the tech. 

Click here to set up your own fundraising page 

If you would rather organise a collection we can let you have a tin or a bucket that people can throw into - maybe if you are having a BIG do we can arrange a tin for every table.  

If you have any questions or ideas for how to turn your special event into a fundraising activity for us, get in touch. you. Email here or call 0114 258 4489