Is there any good in my Anger?  Yes, if you learn how to manage it!

The headline of this blog sounds contradictory and might even trigger an inner conflict about anger itself. However, a huge part of our lives as human beings is based on inner conflicts and finding the answers to those, so learning to manage this would help us to grow.

Sounds interesting?

Anger Management (AM) facilitators Dovile and Jada recently finished an eight week course of Anger Management at Sheffield Mind.

Some of the feedback we received is very inspiring and suggests that the AM course is a life-changing and empowering experience. 

Client 1: “Felt it was possible to be vulnerable, which was empowering”.

We believe that having the chance to be open and vulnerable during the course is one of the core aspects of the Anger Management sessions. We are following the idea that the connection comes before the content, therefore the time to reflect, share our experiences and bond with others is a crucial group work element - which enables us to go on to learn to change our behaviour and understand anger better.

Client 2: “All the techniques taught are so helpful and they were really well explained”. 

The Anger Management course is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which believes that going into more depth is helpful in understanding how our thought processes and behaviour functions and interacts with each other. More specifically, CBT prompts a deeper exploration of how thoughts and beliefs affect our feelings and actions and vice versa. During the sessions, we explore a wide variety of CBT techniques which, according to clients, are specifically useful when experiencing anger arousal and dealing with various anger triggers. 

Client 3: Clearly, the course has changed me and shaped a new beginning for me”.

As an Anger Management team, we strongly believe that we cannot succeed in isolation, there is huge power in group work. The group grows and enriches our thought processes, well-being, and ability to socialise, adapt - and reduce the stigma to seek help when we do experience difficult times in our lives. We are proud of our clients, their commitment and dedication to attend the sessions reflects the beauty of growth and change, which is the only constant in this journey – life.