On Saturday I took part in the Robin Hood 100 miles race and it was without doubt the most challenging thing so far! The day started with breakfast at 4.45 am before driving to the start at South Wheatley Hall. After registering and collecting my tracker I was allowed to start at 7.31.

It was a beautiful morning and things went well as we went along the chesterfield canal and on to clumber park.

As the morning gave way to afternoon and legs began to tire by about 30 miles I listened to tunes to keep me moving. At 52 miles and roughly half way a friend was able to join me and the company made a world of difference.

When nausea kicked in at around 60 miles the extra encouragement was vital. Despite the tiredness there was something very magical about running through clumber park and Sherwood Forest at night.

At 72 miles I swapped buddies and gritted teeth for the last 30 miles. On through the night we went and spirits were good despite me slowing down. This cup of tea at 83 miles just might be the best I’ve ever had.

When the sun came up and I was back on the canal at around 86 miles it felt like I was really on my way. However the next 13 miles were excruciating as the canal went on and on forever as I shuffled forward barely lifting my head.

I counted to 100 and chanted mantras in my head over and over to just keep moving until finally the last checkpoint arrived.

This was it, the final push and at sometime around 11 on Sunday morning (I no longer cared about the time) I arrived back at the finish in South Wheatley. Too tired for elation just relief that it was done.

Looking back now it’s still not really sunk in just how far I went (103 miles) but I am very proud and believe we are all capable of amazing things. It starts with the first step and it doesn’t matter if it’s a mile or 100.

Definitely more adventures to come for me including the desert next year. 


Jim intends to take part in the Marathon Des Salles challenge in October 2021, you can  support him here