We are a counselling service for adults (18 and over) who are victims/survivors of domestic abuse and are living in safe accommodation. This could be abuse of any form from an intimate partner or a family member. We work with people of all genders.  

It does not matter how long ago the domestic abuse took place, as long as you are living in safe housing.  

In Sheffield, safe housing is defined as living in one the following: 

  • Sheffield Women’s Aid refuges 

  • Young Women’s Housing Project refuges 

  • A SafeZones property provided by IDAS 

  • A property where sanctuary measures have been installed. This is sometimes known as target hardening and can include window locks, fire proof letterbox, CCTV, lock changes etc. Sanctuary measure are normally provided by IDAS.  

  • A property where a referral has been made for Sanctuary measures, but the measures are not yet in place 

  • Dispersed temporary accommodation provided by the council with support from either Shelter or IDAS 

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]