Trying to find a positive

Moving house is a stressful time without the added factors of a pandemic and it being a military house move.

All things considered I suppose the move being delayed twice, the booking at the hotel being for the wrong requirements and only 75% of the belongings arrived at the new house on removal day all went well.

The family had said their goodbyes to the friends they’d made over the last 14 months at their old address and arrived at another house, which they’d not seen only on a paper floorplan – hopefully this will be their home for at least the next two years – but who knows.

The initial reaction of “WOW” from all of them was encouraging. Immediately everyone went to choose their bedroom. Of course the room with the en-suite went to Mum & Dad, with the girls each having their own identical bedroom for the first time ever. Double “WOW”

First things first – the painting of feature walls – one in yellow the other pink, before the furniture arrives tomorrow.

The adventure of staying in a hotel for a night with Grandad and Grandma was just fantastic – there might even be chocolate for breakfast. Before then sleep needed to happen, but it was not easy to find. A realisation that they wouldn’t be seeing their little friends anymore was suddenly the talking point and a certain sadness filled the room. Hours later -  silence, everyone was sleeping soundly.

The next day revolved around moving furniture in, deciding where it should go, oh and of course where the favourite teddies and the dog will live. Unpacking the wall of boxes, flattening the empty boxes and moving onto the next. Making endless cups of tea and arranging food, just to keep people going as the van is not emptied yet.

The sadness of the previous night had been forgotten. The girls were running around in excitement – “There’s just sooooo much space.” The smallest room was quickly inhabited by the girls and Grandma, who laughed and played to their hearts content.  The announcement that this room was now declared the playroom - winner.  House moving is fun.

Fast forward two days and the next worry appeared. “What if I don’t make any friends at my new school?”  Her little mind working overtime with the biggest worry ever. Mum trying to ease the worry. What actually happened the next day at the new school, wasn’t so surprising. The teachers were friendly and very welcoming and four new friends were made with one of the friends living up the road from home.  Result!

The view after the youngest granddaughter started playschool was, “It’s fantastic here and can I stay.“ Mum was tempted.

All boxes unpacked and contents in their new places. The girls, along with the teddies are settled in each of their new bedrooms. Mum is learning about the facilities and amenities in the area and Dad is endeavouring to do the best he can in his new job. The daily routine begins all over again -  just in a new location-  until the next move!