Trying to find a positive

You may think what I’m about to write is positive news and you may be asking yourself, why has she chosen that title?

My stepson has just received a well-earned promotion to the rank of Squadron Leader – good news indeed.

But. ……..

Currently the he and his family live 2 hours away and it has been possible to visit them for the day, as we often did pre covid.

With the promotion comes relocation, a move to another base and everything associated with a military family move ………and I don’t just mean the packing / unpacking of boxes and removal vans.

Selfishly all I could think about is that the promotion and move equates to a 5 hour drive from Granddad Chocolate and Grandma. Not good at all. Our family moving further away means that we can’t just “pop over” to see them.

The news, as I hope you can understand, was bittersweet. For me it was a bit of a missile in the current state of worldly pandemic affairs, when good news is in short supply.

We all know the pandemic has meant the painful separation of loved ones for months on end. We are quite aware of that numb feeling well by now.  This news seemed to push away further into the distance, the chance of meeting up with the grandchildren.

 For me, separation equates to no hugs, no kisses, no going on a bear hunt to find the Gruffalo or inviting the tiger to tea to eat homemade chocolate crispy buns and definitely no smuggling of treats from Granddad Chocolates “secret stash” to pass to the girls to quickly devour whilst Mum and Dad aren’t looking. Chocolate is delicious anyway but when it’s classed as contraband – it’s tastes even better.

The other bit of news was the move is scheduled to take place on the youngest granddaughers  birthday. Not the best of timing, but then these things never are.

I needed to find some positives from this bittersweet news to help me cope and to celebrate the good news element.

Stop. Think. Engage practical head.

Promotion – excellent news. Well deserved, a reward for all the family for all the hard work and stoicism shown by them all.

The new location. We know the route – they’ve lived there before. I suppose there’s still some exploring to do of local attractions.

Negativity creeps in again….

The girls – this will mean new schools/nursery – they’ve not had chance to settle into their current ones. How will they deal with the move?

I stop and think about the girls. Even at the tender ages they are, I can see the makings of two happy, well rounded children and hopefully the move will be seen as an adventure, which they will face with all the childlike resilience and laughter they have.  I know it’s there because they are being brought up in a loving environment that flows through to the extended family.

I’m feeling a little more positive now, knowing that the girls will be fine.

Grandma will be fine too because I’ve realised that my work-life balance will allow us to travel to see the girls and spend long weekends with them. Quality time to make happy memories. I suppose Grandma needs to make some more chocolate crispy buns for when the tiger comes to tea.