Sheffield Mind's Safe Space service delivers one-to-one counselling to victims/survivors of domestic abuse. We work with people who live in safe accommodation within Sheffield.  

People of all gender identities and sexualities are welcome. We are experienced at working with people from many cultural backgrounds and you can work with an interpreter if required. 

We offer creative therapies and clients can either work with a movement therapist or an art psychotherapist. These modalities are trauma informed, so we can do deep therapeutic work while keeping people safe. 

Our waiting list is currently open.  

If you would like to know more about this service click Here or email: [email protected]

Safe Space  

Art therapy helps express all the feelings you have suppressed

They say a  picture is worth a thousand words there is nothing truer than that.

Mind helps work through difficult things that are hard to say

All you need is pen and paper to portray your feelings all in one place

A safe space for both you and me to help unpick the problems

Little by little until it becomes more clearer and less cluttered inside your head.

Poem and image by a Safe Space client.