Sheffield Mind offers Group Therapy to people aged 18+ living in Sheffield. 

In this non-judgemental talking therapy group, members connect with others, building supportive relationships which can help to work through emotional difficulties, learn coping mechanisms, and improve mental wellbeing. 

The therapist encourages members to share their experiences (if they feel comfortable) allowing them to feel more positive, less isolated, and have a greater understanding of themselves.  

Who is the group for?

The 8-week groups are 'closed', which means all members begin the group at the same time.  The groups are open to all people living in Sheffield, over 18, who are seeking emotional support and hoping to gain insight into their experiences. 

Typical difficulties which people might bring to group sessions:

  • Relationships
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of confidence 
  • Work problems
  • Loss

And more

Current group dates:

Start date: Friday 3rd of May 

Time:         3:30pm till 5:00pm

Duration:   8 weeks

Participants: Maximum 8 people. 

Location:       Sheffield Mind’s Wellbeing Centre

If you, or someone you are working with, would benefit from attending a therapy group, please complete the referral form here