We were approached last year by Jim who, after watching a documentary on the subject, had been inspired to sign up for the legendary marathon des sables, in order to raise awareness of mental health issues and raise funds for Sheffield Mind.

For those of you who are not familiar with the race, the Marathon Des Salble is a 250km run/walk across the Sahara desert in temperatures up to 50 degrees. Whilst for most of us, the idea of running this distance in this heart is the stuff of nightmares, for Jim it was a challenge too good to miss.

All was going according to plan, the training was taking shape, Jim had been building up his stamina when you know what popped up and the event was postponed.

Its been postponed there times now BUT Jim has  maintained his optimism and his training regime in the hope that he would finally get the green light and be able to take part - looks like patience may have paid off and - all being well - the event will now be taking place in October. 

We are going to do our best to help Jim reach his fundraising target - he is well on the way already. Click here to see Jim's fundraising page on which you can find out a little more about what drove him to take on such a challenge and you can also click here to read the blog he wrote after completing the Robin Hood 100 miler - a stroll in the park in comparison!!

Lets hope all this hard work pays off and the race take place - rather you than us Jim!