We're fortunate to get a lot of feedback from people who have completed our Anger Management groups and we use the feedback to make changes to the course, where necessary. This email, which we received in March 2021, really sums up what a lot of attendees tell us:

This course has been of huge importance to me. I have found a place of refuge, a safe space to share thoughts and feelings with a group of people I now call my comrades. A group of people with similar issues and struggles. We may all have different circumstances and reasons for joining the group but as I have said in the group there is a Thai saying “Same, same but different”.

Society is catered around the idea that men are either bad or good. That the perceived idea of a man with anger issues is someone to fear and that we are white vest wearing, Stella drinking louts. The biggest killer of men in the United Kingdom is suicide and this is because there is a taboo around men sharing there struggles and to admit we need help is weakness. Guilt is the chains which shackle us and shame is the poison which consumes us.

The anger management course is the marker for change, the first step in the road to a better, healthier and happy you. A place where we learn to accept, understand and cope in the world in the world we live. Skills are taught to enable us in our journey of life. I wish to thank Terence, Chloe and Sheffield Mind for everything you have given me and the group, it has made a real change in my life; a life of new hope and prosperity.

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