Neurodiversity is a term that covers a range of cognitive conditions that affect the way people experience
 the world and make sense of it.

Around one in seven people is estimated to be neurodivergent so its likely that there are employees with a neurodiverse condition in your workplace. Because people with neurodivergent conditions think differently to neurotypical people, they can be invaluable to a business, as they may approach situations differently. However, for such people to flourish in the workplace, it may be necessary to provide additional support or make changes to the working environment to accommodate different working styles. 

In this training session we will look at different neurodiverse conditions, how they manifest and and how they might affect a person in a regular work environment. 

We’ll look at how the working environment might impact on a person with these conditions and identify what reasonable adjustments an employer might make to create a positive work environment which thrives on its diversity. 

The training is suitable for businesses of any size and sector and can be delivered online or face to face depending on resources and preference. Participants will be better informed about neurodiversity and be better equipped to work with people who have conditions and to also to make essential improvements to the workplace environment, including improved staff awareness.

The session duration is approx 2.5 hours and the cost of training is £349.00 

If you would like to book a session with us then please drop us an email to [email protected] or download and complete a booking form which can be returned to this same address