This kind of travel is often overlooked - it’s a great option when you’re on a limited budget and the more we get to know an area, the more connected we feel to it.

The benefits of a ‘staycation’ and exploring your own backyard are numerous:

Cheap Travel

Our local buses, trams and trains go to Chatsworth, Buxton, Bakewell, Rother Valley and local art galleries, markets and museums. By getting out and experiencing new things in our own backyard, we get to see Sheffield and surrounding areas  in a new light and become more grateful for where we live.

If you're feeling more adventurous, plan a train trip to Nottingham or York. You can use your local library to research the city before you go, so you know what sites and scenes you want to visit.

Less Planning

If you stick to the really local, there's no stressful planning in advance. You can decide to go on the day. And you don’t have to research flights and accommodation. Just make sure you know the bus routes.

Less Packing

At most you’ll need a rucksack – and a nice pack-up!

Feel Refreshed

Travel, no matter how long we go for, enables us to get away from everyday life. By rewarding ourselves and getting away from it all for a day we’ll feel refreshed.

Simple Suggestions for your ‘Staycation’.

Join a walking group

Enjoy a picnic in a new park

Shop at a new market

Participate in local festivals

Eat at a new cafe

Read about a local landmark - and then visit it.