There’s no doubt that despite some very cold and very wet days recently, the evenings are starting to get lighter and the bulbs are starting to point their noses out of the soil. Spring is coming! And why is that worth celebrating?

Spring makes us feel energised

When you think about it, we’re programmed to rest when it’s dark (night-time), and to be active when it’s light (day-time). This ‘programming’ can also transfer into the seasons – when it gets dark early in the evening,  we feel like hunkering down and on fine Spring days we’re more inclined to get out and embrace the daylight.

Hopefully it will soon start getting warmer and the layers of jumpers will start to come off, and we can start doing outdoor activities. So we can rely on Spring to make us feel more energised.

More time for socialising

Spending time with other people is good for us (both socially and mentally), but it’s a bit of a hassle to put on a coat, a scarf, gloves, and a pair of boots before going out into the cold, so we’re all a bit more likely to be tempted to just stay in during the winter. And of course one consequence of less socialising is that we engage in fewer physical activities in general: less quick lunchtime walks, or after dinner strolls. Thankfully, Spring gives us more daylight and warmth, to encourage us to be on the go.

More time for flowers and plants

This is the time when flowers start to blossom and we have more time to spend with our plants in the garden, or the local park. Researchers have found that smelling roses or even pulling up weeds can decrease blood pressure, increase brain activity and produce a sense of wellbeing. Nature offers a welcome relief from the stress caused by urban living. Gardening is a great way to de-stress and it also reduces high blood pressure.

A great time to get active

Spring is the perfect time to go out and start a new sport or physical activity. The Sheffield Directory literally lists Sheffield activities from Archery to Zumba, so why not have a browse and see what suits you?