We were selected as charity of the year by staff at Sky. The staff have been working hard to raise funds for us and undertook a number of activities culminating in a pantomime which was performed at the Sheffield Library Theatre.

The team were keen to work with a mental health charity as improved workplace wellbeing was something they were committed to achieving. In addition to the financial support, staff volunteered at our Friendly Friday informal support group, which was set up to tackle loneliness and isolation and give people a safe place in which to meet and socialise.

In return for the support we received, we delivered training to key staff. We worked with them to improve mental health awareness and delivered our Tooled Up training package to help build confidence in the team so they were better equipped to deal with mental health issues in customers and colleagues.

It has been a pleasure working with them and we have been impressed by their commitment to better mental health awareness and their willingness to learn and to develop their skills.