Sheffield Mind Ltd is a partner in Sheffield's Primary & Community Mental Health
 (PCMH) Transformation Programme which is responsible for some major changes to the way in which mental health services are developed and delivered in the city.
To celebrate the achievements of the programme to date, the whole team got together to mark the beginning of 'stage three', the onboarding of the Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS FT STEP (Short-Term Education Programme) and EWS (Emotional Wellbeing Service) teams.

Each team within the programme was invited to talk about their work and share a case study to demonstrate the progress that can be made when statutory and voluntary sectors work in partnership. It was genuinely inspiring to see haw far the programme has come since its launch.
A special thanks to Sheffield Mind Ltd's CommunityConnections team, which has been a part of the programme from the get go. The team work with colleagues in the Primary Care Networks (PCN's) to ensure that people with severe mental illness get the most appropriate local support. 
Thanks to service manager, Dan Maguire and Community Connector Josh Mellor, for their presentations at the event, which aptly demonstrated what can be achieved when the barriers to participation are removed and people are able to flourish.