Use a solicitor to write your Will

Solicitors are the experts – they know their stuff, and they should write you a watertight Will that does exactly what you want it to.

It’s the most expensive option, but it will give you most peace of mind, especially if your affairs are complex.

You should definitely consider a solicitor if:

  • Your estate may have to pay Inheritance Tax (currently, you might have to pay if your estate’s value (including property) is more than £325,000)
  • You’ve got a complex family situation, like former partners or estranged children, and you want to be sure that your estate can be divided as you wish
  • You want to protect someone’s interests after you’ve gone, like a disabled family member
  • You want to talk through the options with an expert or you need some support you can trust

Expect to pay

A single Will, drawn up by a solicitor might cost between £144 and £240. A joint Will for couples might cost between £150 and £300. Make sure the cost you’re quoted includes additional costs such as VAT.

If your affairs are complex, such as involving trusts or overseas properties, it can cost between £500 to £600, according to Which?