Hello, I’m Tim. I am a qualified social worker and was a probation officer for approximately 20 years. At the end of that period, I went through a traumatic time in my life, when everything that could possibly go wrong, did.

My marriage of 20 years ended, my health deteriorated, my career ended and I went into a very dark and lonely place. I sought assistance to address my mental health issues and found that service provision for men was seriously lacking. I was fortunate to have a good doctor at the time and following a period of counselling, and self-reflection, I was able to rise from my dark place, and re-join society.

I joined the board of trustees at Sheffield Mind because I am interested in increasing the service user voice. I feel that because of my experience, I can provide a direct link between the client base and the management. It’s so important to ensure that voice is heard, so we can truly respond to the needs of people with mental health issues.

In my spare time, I am a big Arsenal fan and a trained referee