Springboard's first outdoor activity of 2022 took place earlier this week, an enthusiastic walk around Sheffield's beautiful Botanical Gardens. It may not have been the brightest of days but it takes more than a few grey clouds to put our group co-ordinator off her stride!
Here is what Teresa had to say about the event
Whilst the skies were grey and there was certainly a chill in the air, the weather remained dry for us. I'd not met these particular clients in-person before and they'd not met each other so this proved to be a good opportunity to meet new people all around.'
We didn't have a structured route planned but we had plenty of time to explore the various sections of the Gardens, ranging from the Glass Pavilions to the fountain, from the Bear Pit to the Marnock Garden (named for Robert Marnock, designer of and first curator to the Botanical Gardens in the 1830s), and the Rock Garden to the Evolution Garden and more besides.'


'The participants are keen on joining our visit to Norfolk Park on Thursday 24th February, which has some amazing views of Sheffield in itself. If you fancy joining us get in touch with us call  the office on 0114 258 4489 or email [email protected]