30th January


There are times when all of us struggle to get a good nights sleep. The causes are varied and include stress and anxiety as well as diet and lack of physical exercise. there are ways we can help ourselves and Lauren and the team will be looking at how we can establish a good bedtime routine so we can all enjoying a satisfying snooze

6th February

Music - Be the DJ for the day!

Visitors will be invited to share their favourite tunes or songs with the group - this will be agreat opportunity to introduce other group members to your favourite bands and singers and maybe have a bit of a bop?? Dancing is NOT compulsory BUT will be encouraged!

In keeping with tradition when it comes to music and the Springboard, there will also be a music quiz so get your dancing shoes and your thinking caps on!

13th February

Arts & Crafts Valentines

If you are feeling creative you can pop along and take part in valentines crafting activity - maybe make a card for someone special? You don't have to be good at drawing or painting to take part, you just need to be prepared to get stuck in and get your hands dirty.

Crafting and creative work is a great activity to do in a group setting as every tends to help each other. 

20th February

Acts of Kindness

Its said that an act of kindness - no matter how small - can make a huge difference to a person 's wellbeing and make them feel valued and more connected.

Today's session will look at the benefits to being kind, how it makes us feel when people are being kind to us and when we are being kind to others.

27th February

Emotional Regulation Psycho education

The session will look at how feelings affect our behaviour and look at techniques that can help us to effectively manage and respond to an emotional experience.

6th March

Board Game challenges

We will be playing games!  Teams will compete against each other in a series of fun games. No prior knowledge of the games will be required as staff and volunteers will be on hand to help and to explain how things will work.

the competition will be fierce - BUT FUN!