Guardian journalist Gaby Hinsliff has written an informative article on women's anger. She explores the causes of increased anger and why women are no longer afraid to show their wrath and express their anger and frustration. 

The article touches on the many physical and cultural issues that are causing anger and also the services provided to help women express or combat feelings of anger - including our own anger management courses.

Sheffield Mind staff Julia Pegg and Dovile Vilkeviciute, contributed to the article explaining that the course 'covers deeper drivers of rage, including childhood experiences, and aims not to eliminate anger but to help clients channel it so that it doesn’t emerge as aggression. Techniques involve slowing down and interrupting the thought process leading to rage, so that you can engage more rational thinking instead.

As Julia mentions in the artcle, managing anger and strong emotion is a 'a skill – it takes practice'. Read the full article here

Sheffield Mind Anger Management Courses 

If you are interested in the courses or would like to refer someone you are working with, details of the courses can be found here