The Anger Management courses are for women who struggle to manage and contain anger , the aim of the course is to help them learn how to express their feelings more effectively and build resilience so they are able to cope with stressful situations.

In addition to getting an opportunity to learn about anger and understand what triggers an angry response, participants will be given a safe space in which they can discuss in an open and honest manner, the issues/people or situations that cause them to lose control. Peer support is an important element of the course and participants seem to appreciate this element of the training a great deal, encouraging one another, sharing insights and supporting other participants to open up and share their experiences.

Course participants have adapted well to the changes that we have made to move the courses online and the feedback has been very positive. Although we look forward to being to deliver sessions face to face the digital platform has not been a hindrance to participation and our staff have been able to facilitate some full and frank discussions as one participant confirms;

‘Although I found the vast majority of input from Sheffield Mind team very helpful, it was the chance to meet others who had similar problems to me.  Group discussion with the other members enabled me to focus on how to deal with my problems.'