We really value the experience and knowledge which service users can bring, so people with experience of mental health problems are encouraged to get involved in lots of different ways such as applying for volunteer roles, becoming members of Sheffield Mind or becoming a trustee.

Service users also sit on recruitment panels for staff members and we have enjoyed getting the feedback of our beneficiaries as they bring a unique personal perspective to the process. In addition, participating in activities such as this can be empowering and help develop new skills and self confidence. 

If you are interested in getting involved talk to your worker or contact us at the following [email protected]

This is my testimony following an interview I was invited to, to select a new candidate to join the Sheffield Mind team.

I have to say that when the day came that the interviews took place I was very nervous, which was expected due to my mental health issues.

The interviews were a new experience for me but a very good experience. Rob did the interviews but he involved me in such a way that I felt like an actual colleague of his. My opinions and views were taken to heart and considered really well. I actually felt like I played a massive part in the process.

Rob did a great job in briefing me on each candidate applying for the role, we had in-depth discussions following each interview and I was actually involved in the selection for the best candidate. I also delivered the successful news to the candidate who got the position.

I was really grateful for the amazing opportunity to take part. It boosted my confidence in many areas and gave me value to myself. I really enjoyed the hours I spent during the interviews and would love the opportunity to do it again. I believe that having clients involved with things makes a massive difference.

AS – Connect 3 client.