Encourage your employees to check-in with their colleagues regularly.

Allowing time for employees to talk throughout the day not only provides social interaction which could help increase levels of staff satisfaction, it also promotes better communication, which will help staff do their jobs better.

Top Tip: Do you have space to create a small comfy seating area in your office, so that staff can leave their workstations, get a coffee and spend 10 minutes talking over a work issue?

As many workforces are at least partly remote now, it’s important to bring people closer and ensure they remain connected to both their employer, and their colleagues. Consider using WhatsApp to keep your teams in touch.

Top Tip: Staff must be made aware that their messages may be disclosable and might well be judged, as part of their conduct at work. Your Code of Conduct should highlight the necessity for staff to express themselves in an appropriate, considered and professional manner when using work-related instant messaging services