Pricecheck are a multi-award-winning international wholesaler and distributor based in Sheffield.

Established in 1978, they export to 100+ countries, and provide a full supply chain solution whilst remaining true to the family values, embracing technology, talent and trends to ensure we provide a world class service.

The company started supporting Sheffield Mind during lockdown, supplying not only funds but supplies for staff working on the front line. They donated sanitiser and masks and also sweet treats to keep up staff morale - think we appreciated that most of all!

In addition, they kept us and each other amused with their regular 'Dress Down' events when staff would take it upon themselves to go a little casual or introduce a theme and get staff to dress accordingly. All participating staff would be asked to make a donation for taking part and after a few such events the funds soon mount up.

Activities like this are easy to organise and - providing you have the blessing of the boss - can allow staff to express themselves in a fun way.

If you wanted to do something similar you could theme your event, do a 'dress as elf' at Christmas or maybe go all out and have a Halloween Scream Queen theme. You can just ditch the smart stuff for the day and throw on the sweats - just be sure to make a donation for the privilege of doing so!

In addition to the dress down days, the team raised over £300 with a Five a Side football tournament pitting Sales against Warehouse staff - the latter came out on top. Events such as these demonstrate the strong sense of team that prevails at Pricecheck and they certainly seem to know how to put the Fun into Fundraising!