Sheffield Mind provides a range pf formal and informal support to people with a range of mental health issues. 

Our Services

Counselling and Therapy Services

We receive funding from Sheffield’s Clinical Commissioning Group to provide free counselling services to people over the age of 18. In addition to one to one counselling, we provide group and one-to-one art and dance therapy.

Age Better Over 50 Service

The Age Better Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners service offers counselling to people over the age of 50 who are isolated in their communities. We delivered over 6000 of these sessions and also supplemented one to one work with social activities and and group sessions.

MOD - Keeping Families in Mind

Our new services provding counselling and support to the families of serving personnel in the armed forces. The service will provide for people who are struggling to cope with the military lifestyle, separation anxiety and reassimilation following a family members return home. We have and will be working closely with colleagues in the military to ensure that the service is responsive to needs that they are aware of and have identified but will be independent and provide an objective viewpoint on issues and experiences.

Connect 3

The service is funded by Sheffield City Council and delivered in partnership with South Yorkshire Housing Association.

We offer people with mental health issues short-term accommodation with specialist support, a 'transitional landlord' service where we work with clients to manage their tenancy, and also ‘floating’ support, where we visit clients in their homes.

Between April 2016 and March 2017, Connect 3 supported a total of 211 people. Our staff provide specialist floating support to vulnerable individuals who are struggling to cope and as result risk losing their accommodation.  Staff provide both practical and emotional support to individuals to create a stable environment, one in which they can develop effective coping strategies and greater resilience.

Support and Recovery Service

We provide one to one bespoke support to over 100 clients and are currently the largest provider of this service  on the Mental Health Recovery Framework. Our Support Work team work with some of the city's most vulnerable people and deal with a range of complex mental health conditions.

Each service user has a support plan and our staff will develop a bespoke programme of practical and emotional support to deliver on agreed outcomes.

In addition to the one to one support staff regularly hold social events and activities to encourage greater independence and to nurture friendships amongst people who are largely isolated 

Budget Management

The service provides practical support and piece of mind to clients who struggle to manage their finances. Our service manager works with clients to ensure that the money allocated for their care is utilised for the purposes awarded, liaising with suppliers and service providers to ensure payments are made on time, that deliveries are made as directed and that any problems are resolved promptly to minimise anxiety on the part of the clients.

The Springboard

The Springboard Social Cafes are recovery focused sessions facilitated by experienced staff and volunteers, They provide a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere where people can drop-in as they need to and over a cup of tea, talk with other people who may have or be experiencing similar issues.

There are currently 5 Springboards located across the city. Sheffield Mind lead at the city centre venue (Central Springboard) which is based at St Mary’s Church on Bramall Lane and we are sub-contracted to provide specialist mental health support at the 4 other venues;  Manor Top, Parson Cross, Burngreave and Chapelgreen.

We have just been awarded the contract to provide the service for a three years. So successful has the training model for Recovery Volunteer been, that we have been asked to role out to other organisations that work with vulnerable people in a public setting. 

The Springboards have proved a popular alternative to formal therapy for a lot of people. In 2016/17 we had 21 active volunteers putting in over 660.85 to support service users. We saw218 clients, 168 of which were new. With a total of 908 attendances, an 19% increase on the previous year.

Peer Support Groups - Friendly Friday / Mankind


We deliver a range of training courses focusing on workplace wellbeing, mental health awareness and how to manage mental health in the workplace. In addition, we deliver condition specific and bespoke courses addressing issues as varied as Trauma, Motivation, managing stress and anxiety, psychosis and OCD.

We regularly consult and work with local organisations to deliver and develop relevant training to their staff and volunteers. In the past year we have delivered training to organisations as diverse as Sheffield Libraries, United Living, University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam,  Hive IT and Acellor Mittal.

The feedback from participants has been excellent and we were recent,y invited to address businesses at a network event to discuss how to improve workplace wellbeing and establish a culture in which its OK to talk about mental health without fear of reproach or discriminaion.

if you are interested in accessing our training programme click here for details and special offers

Social work students.

We offer placements to social work students providing challenging and valuable experience of front line service delivery. We work with Sheffield Hallam and the Universities of Hull and Lincoln, providing an on site staff supervisor to advise and evaluate students and ensure that they are making the most of the experience available. 

Promotional Work

Heads Up Mental Health Awareness Week Radio Sheffield

We continued to be a prominent presence in the city, working on events such as Mental Health Week and holding a joint conference with the Brathay Trust. Staff made a number of appearances on local radio and we had articles in the printed press written by staff members. We are often approached by local journalists to discuss mental health related issues, which is indicative of the strength of our profile and the esteem in which the organisation is held.

Future Plans

As funding becomes more difficult to sustain in this economic climate, we are looking more closely at how we can maximise our fundraising efforts. We’ve started working with local marketing company Objective Creative, who have kindly offered to support the charity by giving us free time and some great ideas for fundraising. 

We look forward to finally moving in to the new Wellbeing Centre and making the most of the opportunities that will be provided by increased space and improved facilities.

We would like to thank all our funders and supporters for their contributions towards our work.