Here are just a few of the comments we've received during this pandemic year:

About the Wellbeing Centre and reception:

Thanks for your kindness this morning and for the lovely cup of tea. The counselling was great, but I had a meltdown... it's been coming, building up. The storm clouds build, the storm comes, does its worst and then disappears for a while.... that's life. Thanks again!

This is the coolest and nicest reception I have ever seen at a charity. It’s such a pleasure to sit in here. The mid-century look is so cool!

Counselling & Therapy Services:

My counsellor is a brilliant gem and an amazing professional.

Sheffield Mind is helping me at the moment with counselling and are amazing. Thank you for helping when it seemed no one else was listening.

Anger Management:

I took away some fantastic coping skills.  I would personally like to thank you, but in the current situation with covid that's not possible. So I thank you through email and ask that you keep this course running for all the individuals out there in the city who require support with their anger issues. 

First of all I want to give a big thank u to the Anger Management team for listening and supporting me through a very difficult time in my life and all the others staff at Sheffield Mind. From the very first time I walked in to Sheffield Mind I felt an immediate sense of security and calm, they all made me feel so welcome and I was able to open up fully about my struggles with mental health.

Connect 3:

I have landed back into a job and my life is starting to turn for good. I'm happy, I really love the place and hope to continue my confidence with them. I love all you have done for me and it's because of you I'm back on my feet. I really appreciate everything you did in such a short period, but that's how good you are.

The Listening Line:

Thank you for your wonderful service!

Having a weekly chat has made a huge difference to me and if I could buy her a bunch of flowers I would, as she is so caring she has made a real difference to me.

Support & Recovery Service:

I’ve never had a worker like this before, so motivating. As a result of working with him, I'm feeling more motivated to deal with my issues.

Thank you for helping me attend my hospital appointment. The support worker is a lovely man and he helped me feel OK even though the tests I was having were not pleasant.

Comments from volunteers:

I would just like to take the time to thank you for the opportunity you have provided me with volunteering for Sheffield Mind. I have begun working with the Anger Management team and they have been very welcoming and helpful . I immensely appreciate this opportunity, especially under the current circumstances.

Budget Management:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was anticipating a huge "stressfest" and a long. drawn-out, illogical, "head hitting brick wall" nightmare and stand off ... I really hope I don't sound ungrateful for all the work you have done, because I am immeasurably grateful. Ok, wow you are superwoman!

The Ripple Effect (bereavement support):

As a mental health practitioner, I have found the services offered by Ripple Effect invaluable in being able to effectively and holistically support people through deeply traumatic and challenging periods of their lives. The team are highly responsive and I can in all confidence recommend their services to the patients I see. I have had fantastic feedback from the people they have supported.

Keeping Families in Mind (support for adult relatives of military / reservists / veterans):

It has been difficult and very emotional and I still feel like I have a lot to unpick and questions to ask but the support, encouragement and understanding I have received from my therapist has been invaluable. She has challenged me too, when needed, and clearly believes in my ability to cope and deal with my difficult situation moving on.

I will be eternally grateful to Sheffield Mind for helping me when no one else would I have loved being challenged and pushed to see the real me not the image I'd portrayed through fear. I have and will only have good words to say for this service

The sessions made me aware of my limits and to not jump into anything. I found it brilliant. It was the right timing for me especially during lockdown and was the right length of sessions. Was really important to focus on liking myself during lockdown.

Comments from other organisations:

As always you and the team are doing some great work with what looks to be some very difficult situations.  I can’t even begin to imagine the struggles that your clients must face every day and how much they must appreciate the support they’re receiving.

Thank you for your assistance and thank you for the amazing support that Sheffield Mind provides.

As a follower of Sheffield Mind’s Twitter account, I’m always very interested in the work that you share and it has been very inspirational over the past weeks and months. 

Your team are doing some brilliant work in difficult circumstances - thank you.