Our Keeping Families in Mind service hosted a conference in June, presenting the work they've been doing with military families over the past 3 years and also highlighting the unique issues and challenges that family members face.

The conference started with a fascinating conversation between 2 women who, on the surface, seemed to have a lot in common - both had partners and children and both had moved house recently. However, as the conversation developed, we began to see the unique challenges which the military partner and her children faced, for example, she outlined how many times they had moved house and how this affected her ability to find employment. The conversation ended with delegates reflecting on how resilient and inventive military partners really are!

We had a variety of speakers from local and national organisations which work with military families and the feedback we have received has been incredibly positive.

So, thank you to our Keeping Families in Mind service and to all the guest speakers and conference delegates, for making the event such a big success!