Here are some of the comments from our ManKind group on Time to Talk day:

“I never realised how important it would feel to be heard until I had the chance to speak” – John

“I never open up, or rather I didn’t used to. Now im getting used to it, people to talk to, in similar positions to myself. It’s nice to see other guys are going through the same feelings as I am. Its nice to be able to hear other men’s thoughts and opinions without judgement. Its nice to open up”.  – Ian

“My wife told me to try it, she said I didn’t share stuff, I had gone quiet. I was in a different place, and didn’t plan on having a future. Now I don’t feel alone, I don’t have to just ‘man up’, because that doesn’t help anyone. I am in pain, but now my wife finally understands. My friends finally understand. More importantly, I understand myself, and its okay to not be okay. I’m finding help, by making time to talk.” – anon

“Sharing feelings, talking about mental health was never my thing. You just get on with it, don’t you? Well, like they say in Mankind, should you? Is that really helpful? If you can’t find time to talk, make time to talk. I talk now, I help others to talk, because to listen, and to be heard. That helps” - Anwar

“Man up, suck it up, just soldier on… That doesn’t help anything really, does it? Can talking help? Sharing a problem doesn’t mean burdening others with it, or becoming ‘that guy’. Not everyone will want to listen, or help. That’s fine. There are plenty of people who do want to help, and those that want to listen, want you to talk. Mankind made me realise that. A room full of guys, each with their own worries, problems and fears, but who I can talk to, help and support. It made me realise my life is full of others, just the same - I just never realised anyone wanted to listen”. - Karlos

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