The University of Sheffield Tennis Club have been busy using the tennis off season to raise much needed funds for us. The club, one of the largest on the Sheffield University campus, did a World Cup fundraising events and raffle and to date have raised £300.

We spoke with the Club Charity Secretary Kieran, who confirmed that this is just the start and there are plenty more events in the pipeline including a bake sale - we love a bake sale - a pub quiz, a rallython and a summer ball. 

We just don't know where they find the time BUT we are incredibly grateful to all the team for giving up their valuable time and putting sucjh fabulous and creative events to support the work we do.

We hope to be involved in and to support future events but reckon we would have better success serving up the cakes at the bake sale, than serving any aces in the courts.

Thaks again to all the team and to all the students that work so tirelessly to support the work we do!