Sheffield's Tramlines festival is a legendary weekend and one that really brings the city together.

But all the things we love about Tramlines - the noise, the crowds, the smells the bright lights, can sometimes get a little overwhelming.
To address this, we are partnering with the festival organisers to introduce a new Sensory Area, a safe and welcoming space that will provide a calm and quiet space in which to take a timeout.

The sensory area will be for anyone who needs somewhere to relax, regulate or just enjoy a quiet, friendly chat. Located near the Welfare tent, our area will provide a haven for people who identify as autistic, neuro-divergent or sensitive to over-stimulation.
Our sensory space will provide safe, low-level stimulation and a recalibration zone for neuro-divergent festival goers, using low lighting, ambient sounds and gentle activity such as stretching movements, mindfulness, painting, and creative play.

The Sheffield Mind creative therapy team are very keen to help festival goers enjoy and engage with the festival atmosphere and knowing that they can take a time out and that there is a safe space in which to have some down time will help festival goers feel more confident and more at ease.

We're incredibly proud to be part of this iconic Sheffield event - so if you need 10 minutes away from it all, drop in and say hello - you'll be very welcome!