We would like to thank all the staff at RES Environmental Ltd for their recent donation of £1000.

As most of the team were working from home, they decided to take on a steps challenge to promote health and well-being and give everyone a goal to aim for. They did incredibly well and we have it on good authority from the staff we spoke to that they actually enjoyed it!

The team were keen to support a mental health charity given the impact of the last 12 months and were keen to learn more about the services we provide and how their donation will help. We were glad to accept an invitation to a staff meeting and one of our counsellors joined them on zoom to chat to the team about workplace wellbeing and the challenges of returning to the workplace after such a long break.

Company Director, Mark Booker, told us the session had been well received by the team adding, 'It certainly got all of us thinking about mental health and it will be raised and discussed more openly in the future.' We couldn't ask for more than that and really appreciated the opportunity we were given to increase awareness and address concerns.

if you want to know more about the company and what they do, you can read all about them at the link below - certainly earning their money this week with all the rain we have been having!

We really appreciate the support and enjoyed meeting with and spending a little time with such a  positive team.