Huge thanks to Jodie White and friends, Douglas Maydew, Brogan Wright and Emma Ledger, who took time out from their studies at Sheffield Hallam to set up a festive market stall managing to raise £652.79 pounds in support of our work!

Jodie and her pals had a stall at TRAXX in Chapeltown and charmed local shops and supermarkets into donating goods for a raffle, they did a fantastic job as you can see from the pictures below getting biscuits, chocolates, wine and makeover vouchers including HD Brows & Brow lamination  - we had to look that up obviously not as well groomed as some!

In addition to the market the team ran an online fundraising campaign to raise funds and awareness about mental health and donated an additional £505 to Mind

Jodie wanted to thank all the businesses that had supported the stall including the local Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Dominos and Asda and we wanted to thank her, Douglas, Brogan and Emma for  doing such a fantastic job!