We were delighted to welcome supporters to our Wellbeing Centre today to launch the website for our gambling awareness project GAPS

GAPS (Gambling Awareness Project Sheffield) is a two year pilot project which will assess effective ways of supporting young people (aged 11-25) who are at risk of gambling/gaming-related harm.

Much of the work being done by the team will focus on preventing gambling harm in young people, they have consulted with over 800 young people already, to ascertain what they think and know about gambling and the risks involved.

In addition to the website, a film has been commissioned which tells Kieran’s story and how he managed to overcome harmful gambling with the support of friends, family and professional services.

You can watch the film here https://www.sheffieldmind.co.uk/gaps

An interim report has been produced outlining the work that has been done to date and what’s planned for the next stage of development. If you would like a copy of the report please get in touch with the project co-ordinator Lydia at the following : [email protected]